My name is Stu Alden and I run Ink Lounge, a studio in Denver, Colorado, where I screen print art and music posters as a one-person shop. I also teach and donate many workshops to youth organizations. If you have some time on your hands here's my full resume.

Unfortunately due to the virus, a majority of my work has been canceled or put on hold. My hope is an art opening of this nature will be well received and ultimately give support to all the artists involved.

100% Transparency

The goal of this initiative is to provide support to artists during this unique time, where we all benefit from the process and I want everyone to understand how money is being distributed.

Ink Lounge is charging the artists a flat fee of $200, approximately 50% less than normal, to screen print 100, 8x10, 4-color prints of their art in hope to cover my basic monthly expenses, mainly studio lease and utilities. I'm also handling all marketing, sales, and shipping.

Prints will be sold for $30 each where $20 goes directly back to
support the artist which means we only need to sell 10 of their prints to cover the their printing fees and the rest is profit. $3 to support Access Gallery (nonprofit) and the remaining $7 covers CC fees, shipping materials and postage.


The inspiration for this initiative is the somber reality of what’s happening around us sprinkled with optimistic hope. I chose to name this exhibit “HOME. HOPE!” as we’re all stuck at HOME. and looking for HOPE! CMYK is the screen print process for the exhibit.

As a theme I’m asking artists to create a visual response to being isolated at home and reflect their current thoughts on what's going on around them by sharing what home and hope means to them.

Personally my emotions range from anger to sadness to sarcasm to disbelief to humor – where one day I’m painting the dog house and the next I’m worrying about my mom and wondering what I can do to help others, and I assume we’re all going through various degrees of similar thoughts. My hope is these prints will resonate with the viewers where they say “Yes! That’s exactly how I feel right now and it’s comforting to know others feel the same way.”

Ultimately by simply hanging on our walls, these prints will give us a chance to reflect and tell our tales from a time in history, where in order to give us hope for our families and communities, we were asked to stay at home.

Also Practical: 8x10 size can be added to almost any wall in your home plus the frame is a standard size so you can frame yourself!

Nonprofit Beneficiary

Access Gallery is an inclusive nonprofit organization that engages the community by opening doors to creative, educational and economic opportunities for people with disabilities to access, experience and benefit from the arts.

Access Gallery will receive 10% of all sales, although artists may donate a higher percentage if they choose to do so.

I will also be featuring 4 Access Gallery artists’ work and donating 100% of the printing costs to further support them.

Visit their website for more info: www.accessgallery.org

Special Thanks!

To my wife Nicky, who's been super supportive and encouraging me while I've been feeling a bit lost these past few weeks. Lucky for you she's also been editing my rambling to keep it to a minimum. She's also a talented artist so look for her print!

More Thanks!

To Speedball for their in-kind ink donation and helping me promote the exhibit!

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