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In all the events and exhibits I’ve done, the best results have always come from group shows where everyone cross-promotes and benefits from strength in numbers. I will be marketing the hell out of this including daily artist features/tagging/etc.

Please visit the Facebook Event page and invite!

Instagram tags to use: @inkloungedenver @accessgalleryco #homehopegallery #cmykscreenprintexhibit

Creating Art for CMYK

No File Prep Required

Basically just design or draw as normal. Full-color images, such as hand-drawn or digitally created illustrations including typographic elements, and/or photos will all work really well where I will convert to a dot pattern to create all the colors in the rainbow. If you normally work with spot colors, just make sure to use CMYK swatches.

Screen printing halftone dots are larger than traditional printing so I do recommend to stay away from super fine detail and subtle gradients/shifts in colors due to the larger dots. But in the end the aesthetic is pretty cool and tends to work well for many styles.

The print order is cyan 1st, magenta 2nd, yellow 3rd, and black last where the colors are very translucent (see image below). For example yellow over cyan will make a green and over magenta will make red. Same with magenta over cyan will make a purple.

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Example of how colors look when overprinting.

Example of photo converted to a halftone pattern.

Participation Fee

Please cover by Wednesday, May 8
to Confirm Participation.

I appreciate you taking care of this to help me confirm artists participation so I can sleep at night. Fee covers all materials and printing.


CMYK Examples

Please visit the following links to get some good ideas on how images can translate to CMYK.

• Steve Thomas: illustration example
• Mike Tallman: photo example
• Flaming Lips: design examples
• The Revivalists: illustration example
• Instagram Examples: #CMYK

File Specifications

• paper color: white 100# cover
• size: set file to 8x10 with a margin at least .5 inch
• if image prints to edge, increase to 8.25 x10.25 to allow bleed
• include your signature as part of the art - recommend in black
• add “  /100” in black as part of the art so I can number easily

SIGNATURE UPDATE: I will be confirming once art is submitted, but since we can visit businesses, there's a chance I can have you come in and sign.

Example of Signature/Numbering Edition

• make sure color space and swatches are all CMYK
• convert all type to outlines and merge into one layer

Photoshop, ProCreate, Scanning:
• make sure file is 300dpi and set to CMYK
• rasterize and merge into one layer and submit as JPG

Don't hesitate to email or
call me at (303) 321-7101
with any tech questions.

Submit Your Art

Please Submit File no later than May 8

Sooner is great as I need time to check printability for screen printing. Don't forget to add edition (example).

SIGNATURE UPDATE: I will be confirming once art is submitted, but there's a chance I can have you come in and sign due to businesses limited re-opening.

Questions? Stu Alden
stu@inklounge.com • (303) 321-7101

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