Beginning Ink: paper

Time: 10:00am-4:30pm (or about 5 hours for a private lesson)
Address: 29 S Fox Street, Denver CO 80223

This one day workshop will cover the basics of screenprinting on paper where upon completion you'll have the option to schedule Open Studio to print your own projects. During the workshop we'll cover art, film prep, screens, mesh, emulsion, squeegees, inks, exposure, registration - pretty much everything you need to know to get up and printing. The morning session starts with some of the basics and demonstrations. Then we'll continue by preparing your art, exposing screens during lunch and spend the afternoon printing.

Image Rights * Please take a moment to read our image rights policies.

Printing: You’ll be printing 10 prints of a single image you send or select from our library. Final size of print is 10x13 and you will use the same 2 inks colors on all 10 prints, but on 10 colors of paper so you get a chance to see how the inks react with different paper colors.

Art: Maximum art size is 10x13. If you want to set up your art beforehand and work in Illustrator, Photoshop or InDesign, each color needs to be on a separate layer. Line art works best, but feel free to design something with type and mixed line drawings or solids. Please do not use photographs or full color illustrations as your art needs to be a high-contrast B&W that is free of tonal ranges, gradients, etc.

We have a template setup if you are familiar in the programs – if not please just send the image file.

Template: Click here to download PDF template
Page size is 11x17, final art size is 10x13

Email your file by noon the Friday of the workshop: Send us a B&W jpeg or pdf / 300dpi / no bigger than 10x13 inches. Please also bring it with you on a USB drive just in case. Remember to outline fonts - we are mac based, using the Creative Cloud. For those that do not send in art we have some fun images here you can use (1800s-1950s) that are good for learning the process.

Email File: Click Here

NOTE: You are required to send/bring art or choose art from our selection in order to keep the workshops on time, as we do not create art on site.

What to Wear: Screenprinting can be a bit messy and we have aprons for you to wear, but don't wear your fancy pants.

Lunch: For the Saturday group workshops we'll order pizza so don't worry if you are a veggie or carnivore - we'll order a variety to meet different tastes. For those unable to eat pizza, please bring a lunch to keep your muscles going! We'll also have soda/water to keep you well hydrated.

End time: We're usually done by 4:30pm - but don't worry - we're also not kicking anyone out so if it's taking you a bit longer - don't panic.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations with less than two weeks notice are non-refundable. Cancellations with more than two weeks notice will receive store credit that may be used for another workshop registration, if space is available. Please email Nicky to let us know and to receive your credit.

Open Studio Info: Click Here
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