we're inky.

Our 3,700 square foot studio is 98% dedicated to screenprinting which allows us to do a great many things in all sorts of areas that tends to keep us pretty busy.

We teach screenprinting workshops for all ages and abilities. We have open studio hours where once certified screenprinters can schedule time to print their own projects. We host parties and events where you can customize the experience for just about any age. We screenprint commercially for many types of projects and clients. We have a shop full of screenprinting supplies for local artists. We continue to do commercial graphic design and our own art prints. Several times a year we run art exhibits with local and national artists. We even run a manly maker market twice a year. Whew.

So when we talk about the versatility of screenprinting – we truly mean it and continue to evolve the culture of our space as we expand what we can do with the process.

Take a look around the site or stop in if you're curious and have questions about what all we can do.

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Here's pics and posts of all sorts of things. From new work we've printed for ourselves or others, recent workshops, events, more or less what makes up the culture of Ink Lounge...

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